Confined Space

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Entry - 1 day

Allows workers to perform basic risk assessments and enter a confined space to conduct work under an issued permit.

Confined Space Entry - 2 day

This two-day course covers not only the basic confined space entry skills, but also more advanced confined space training including gas testing, the issuing of work permits, and undertaking risk assessments.

Confined Space Awareness

This short course is designed for people to gain an understanding of what confined spaces are and the obligations required of employers to manage work that is conducted in or around confined spaces.

Confined Space Refresher

This course allows previously trained individuals the ability to refresh their knowledge and skills in a shorter timeframe.

Confined Space Rescue

Training for anyone who may be required to perform technical rope-based rescues to extract personnel from confined spaces.

Gas Test and Permit Issuer

More advanced training for existing confined space operators in the areas of gas testing, permit issuing, and risk assessments.

Risk Assessment Training

Designed to teach workers the risk management process, including how to accurately complete a risk assessment and safe work method statement (SWMS) in accordance with their workplace procedures.

Operate Breathing Apparatus

Will equip workers with the skills required to safely inspect, maintain and operate self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Confined Space Services

Verification of Competency (VOC)

Increasingly, employers in Australia are determining that undertaking a VOC process with their workers is a time-efficient and cost-effective method of ensuring that the individual can demonstrate “current competency”

Confined Space Standby Rescue

Our experienced team have the skills, knowledge and expertise to undertake difficult rescues in harsh situations.

Confined Space Auditing & Consulting

We conduct audits in hazard identification and risk assessment for all confined space operations in industry. We can assess relevance, appropriateness and compliance of your policies, procedures, SWMS and rescue plans. 

Gas Detector Sales and Service

We offer our customers access to the full suite of portable gas monitors and detectors from BW Technologies.