Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue Training

Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue

Our flagship program. The finest rescue qualification for Mines Rescue operatives in Australia, built from the ground up by the best in the business.

Tower Climbing & Rescue Training

Climbing and rescue training for anyone required to work on structure such as telecommunications towers, poles, chairlifts or other tower-like structures.

Tower Rescue Refresher

Our Tower Rescue Refresher allows those operators who have already completed our full 2-day program to refresh their skills in half the time.

Vertical Rescue

Designed for anyone who may be required to perform rope-based rescues to extract injured personnel from difficult to access terrain.

Road Crash Rescue Training

Practical hands-on training for anyone who may be required to rescue a casualty involved in a road or industrial accident.

HAZMAT Response Training

Designed for anyone who may be required to respond to hazardous materials incidents in the workplace.

Confined Space Rescue

Training for anyone who may be required to perform technical rope-based rescues to extract personnel from confined spaces.

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR Training

Provides participants the training and practical skills to extricate a casualty from an electrocution incident and perform basic life support.

Incident Commander / Controller

Learn the skills to minimise incident escalation, allocate resources and assets, plan tactical responses, communicate with incident response teams, interact with external agencies and gather information about incidents.

Drill Rig Rescue Training

Learn the skills to work safely at heights on a drill rig, and plan and perform first response rescues of a fallen worker.

Technical Rescue Services

ERT Training and Currency Programs

We help ensure your emergency response personnel are appropriately skilled and ready to respond in the event of a site emergency.

Standby Rescue Service

We can supervise confined space work, shutdown operations, work at height, deliver site inductions, manage compliance, administer rescue and deliver first aid.

Emergency Management Plans and Response Systems

We can help you raise your site’s level of emergency preparedness.

Gas Detector Sales and Service

We offer our customers access to the full suite of portable gas monitors and detectors from BW Technologies.