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Bugs beware! Pinnacle assist Rentokil

This week has seen Pinnacle on-site at West End in Brisbane assisting Rentokil with some tricky fumigation procedures on residential properties.

Pests had been identified within the properties necessitating fumigation. In order to do this, the entire house must be covered in a series of huge airtight tarps which are then joined together to create a gas-tight seal.

Rentokil engaged Pinnacle to supply a two-man team to facilitate the deployment of the series of 140kg tarps across the complex roof structure (steep pitch, solar panels, whirlygigs etc), and joining these using a series of 100+ clamps.

To complete this work, we installed our own temporary Spyda roof anchors (these are awesome, leave no trace anchors), padded all protruding elements on the roof with carpet and tape to ensure the integrity of the tarps, used mechanical advantage systems to move the tarps into place, and muscle and elbow grease to get them unfurled and joined.

Rentokil loved our service, and have engaged us for future jobs in Maryborough and Townsville.

Spent two days doing the LLN unit through the online capability and then was able to go and complete the two day TAE Upgrade basically the very next day due to the way that the system was set up. This course was fast paced with a room full of engaged participants and a passionate trainer who was able to keep the whole process on track at all times.

Philip M - Highfields, QLD

Public Course Participant LLN online and TAE Upgrade