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Height Safety Auditing and Report for Australian Country Choice

Australian Country Choice is one of the largest abattoirs in Queensland, processing 5,000 large cattle per week in their state of the art facility. The abattoir consists of approximately 2,000 m2 of floor area, and had an approximate project value of $12 million. The company employs over 850 staff in the management and operation of these facilities. Over 75% of the total production is destined for Coles retail outlets with the remainder being exported to over 24 countries.

Management recognised that there were potential competency gaps in the work methods around height for maintenance workers. We initially provided some tailored on-site Work at Height training which included training in chiller rooms (very cool!)

Following this training phase, we were contracted to do full site audit.

One of our auditing specialists did a two day inspection of all systems right across the supply chain from the heavy vehicles arriving on site, through the entire production process, cold storage and product leaving the facility.

We audited their current systems for accessing all height areas. We looked at all methods, equipment, and training involving work at height. We then documented an 80 page Audit Report to enable Australian Country Choice to bring their current procedures up to the level required by relevant legislation, Australian Standards AS1891 and best practice industry guidelines. Included in this report was a series of budgeted solutions based on the hierarchy of controls to allow for the introduction of safe, cost-effective work practices.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and Raymond would have to be the best trainer and communicator I have had the pleasure of learning from. His knowledge and depth of experience is evident and astounding. Consistently throughout the course, Raymond backed up the theory component with examples of hands-on experience and interesting stories that related to the context. It was an intense five-day course, however not at any stage was it boring or mundane. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to complete this course and would highly recommend the training to other colleagues in our organisation.

Natalie W. - Brisbane, QLD

Assisi Catholic College Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety