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Pinnacle launches new Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Pinnacle Safety and Training, one of Australia’s leading providers of safety training, has launched a new Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety.

This program has been developed in consultation with industry for people who are either pursuing, or currently employed, in a WH&S role (such as WH&S Coordinator, Safety Advisor or Health and Safety Representative (HSR)).

The program will provide participants with the skills they need to:

  • Ensure compliance with current legislation, standards and regulations
  • Identify WH&S hazards, assess and control risks
  • Contribute to implementing and maintaining WH&S management systems
  • Consult on WH&S issues
  • Contribute to WH&S participation processes (identifying participants, reviewing procedures, ascertaining training needs, communicating information, developing improvement initiatives)
  • Develop WH&S leadership skills
  • Respond to incidents
  • Assist with incident investigations
  • Assist with claims management and implementing rehabilitation/return-to-work programs
  • Establish, review and evaluate WH&S measures and initiatives.

Paul Botwright, Director of Pinnacle Safety and Training, said much thought was given to the format of the new course to ensure participants receive the best learning experience to prepare them for their WH&S work.

“At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best safety training, and ensuring our course participants develop their capacity for addressing real life safety issues,” he said.

“Developing a safe workplace does not result from employees attending ‘tick and flick’ training courses.”

“If their learning experiences do not represent meaningful practice they’re useless.”

“As such, our Certificate IV will be delivered face-to-face over a five-day period, and will involve a number of hands-on practical tasks.”

“With a growing number of organisations looking to improve their safety performance and achieve zero workplace injuries, quality safety training is becoming more and more important.”

“At Pinnacle, we recognise that real safety change comes by influencing individual’s beliefs and behaviours.”

“This is why we’ve chosen to deliver this course in-person, rather than through an online channel, where human interaction is limited.”

“Keeping people safe is our number one priority and drives everything we do.”

“We intend to continue to expand the breadth and depth of our training offering, with more courses due to be released soon.”

“Keep an eye on our website for the latest news,” Paul said.

In the meantime, more information on Pinnacle’s Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety can be found here.

About the online course: “It is very user friendly with clear messages.”

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