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Pinnacle launches online learning to meet customers’ needs

“This is a big milestone for our organisation,” said Paul Botwright. “It represents an extension of our current product offering that will boost our growth and extend Pinnacle’s market share.”

“As our students’ needs evolve, we must continuously adapt our product lines and stretch ourselves to meet the demands of our customers.”

“Online learning is a step we need to take to stay relevant in today’s training market.”

“We’ve researched where the market is heading, and our online courses are being developed as a direct response to our customers’ needs,” said Paul.

“Increasingly, students want to learn at their own pace, at a time and location that suits them and their schedule.”

“This is particularly important in shift-based and compliance-heavy industries.”

Lee Cujes and the RTO team have been working tirelessly over the last six months to develop our online learning platform, which included choosing an online learning management system, integrating it with our other systems and developing/testing courseware that would be appropriate for online delivery.

“After much consideration, we decided to launch Construction Induction White Card training as our first online course,” said Lee. Having a White Card program available supports our Asbestos programs, as students require this as a prerequisite.

“After White Card, we will be developing some online modules which support a blended delivery. A blended model allows students to do some work and be assessed before they come to Pinnacle for the face-to-face component of their courses.”

“We envisage our online offerings to grow significantly over the next 12 months. However, online training will not replace our face-to-face offerings.”

“The fact is, the majority of what we teach is hands-on, with a strong practical application. The best learning outcomes generally happen in the practical.”

“We’re spending significant time investigating how a blended delivery model can allow us to focus on more practical skills training during our face-to-face time with students.”

“The other thing that our online learning system rollout supports is customised courses for our corporate clients. Many of our corporate clients want to provide a mixture of face-to-face and online learning to their staff. We want to be the preferred partner providing both modes of delivery.”

“As Paul mentioned in his update, this is an exciting time for Pinnacle. We’re evolving; our product offering is extending; and we’re moving towards becoming a national leader in the provision of safety training and related services.”

With the quality of training and positive reinforcement from the trainer I have happily recommended to my employer that all our employees be trained at this facility for all courses required in the future.

Mitch A. - Sydney, NSW

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