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Standby Rescue Provision for Energised Alliance

This September, one of our Standby Rescue experts was on site at Bondi Beach to assist Energised Alliance with their demolition works.

Five residential houses needed to be demolished to make way for the Waverley Substation Project. Pinnacle were assigned two major tasks:

  1. The provision of specialist Height Rescue personnel
  2. Design and supply of a documented Rescue Plan to meet legislative requirements

It was a particularly tricky job. As all elements of the very old buildings were required to be recycled, the demolition was largely done by hand. When there are no overhead anchors and there are workers operating on unsheeted roofs with very old roof beams, you have a potentially very dangerous work environment. We devised a horizontal safety line and fall restraint system to protect workers from falls off or through the old roof.

James listed one of the perks of this particular job as getting to go for a swim every afternoon!

About the Waverley substation project

Ausgrid is planning a $1.27 billion investment in the electricity network supplying the Eastern suburbs and inner city regions over the five years to 2014. This investment includes a replacement substation for the Waverley/Bondi area and replacing the underground cables delivering power to the substation.

Ausgrid has identified the need to replace the current Waverley zone substation located at 36 Anglesea Street, Bondi.

The existing substation is approaching time for retirement and Ausgrid plans to construct a new substation that will continue to maintain a safe and reliable power supply and meet the community’s growing energy needs for many years to come.

This replacement substation will become a key part of the electricity network supplying homes and businesses in Waverley , Bondi and surrounding suburbs. Ausgrid plans to build the new substation next door to the existing substation on land it has purchased at 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46 Anglesea Street that is currently occupied by houses. Once in service it would allow the existing substation to be retired from service.

I have undertaken Forklift and Boom tickets with Pinnacle. Both times I was lucky enough to have Brad as the trainer. He is very knowledgeable, professional, detailed and clear in his training. Thanks again Brad and the Pinnacle team. We will be sending more staff to your courses.

Josh M. - Gold Coast, QLD

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