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Work at Heights Training for Woodside Energy

In June 2011 we commenced our Work at Heights training with Woodside Energy on the dive vessels Venturer and 119m Rockwater II.

Subsea 7 in association with Technip Oceania are managing an underwater construction project laying underwater pipelines in the Timor Sea. The two large dive vessels house teams of specialist deep divers and associated crew.

These are very large, complex technical vessels and even though they are geared for conducting work at great depths, the crew also does a surprising amount of work at height. We have trained 95 personnel up to this point with over 100 to come.

Our trainers have also documented rescue methodologies and conducted detailed analysis of current systems benchmarked against Australian Standards.

Nationally accredited, site-specific training on the actual work site

Flying out from Karratha via helicopter, our trainers are running a 24 hour a day training operation to fit in with on-vessel operations. This is real training in the real-life work environment at sea. Tailoring training in this way really helps the training to ‘stick’, as it is immediately useful and meaningful for the staff who are working in the same environment day to day.

Trainer Anthony is well suited to training. He made it so much more enjoyable. I’ve done a lot of training over the years and half the time you’re not present. Busy daydreaming as you’ve heard it all before. But not with Anthony. He kept it interesting and exciting. Well done!

John B. - Perth, WA

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