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Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Nationally recognised units of competency
PUAEQU001 - Prepare, maintain and test response equipment


Equips participants with the foundational skills to become a height safety equipment inspector.

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Course Details


Students who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This certification is nationally recognised. The Statement is issued by Pinnacle Safety and Training (RTO 40496).

National unit of competency:

  • PUAEQU001 - Prepare, maintain and test response equipment

Course Duration

Online learning: Go at your own pace. Typical duration is between three and four hours.


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Course Overview

This nationally recognised course equips participants with the foundational skills to become a height safety equipment inspector. This program will provide you with the training and certification required to inspect height safety equipment at a basic level.

It is important to recognise that to perform in the role of a height safety equipment inspector, in addition to this training, real-world industry experience in working with height safety equipment is required. This course is not a ‘manufacturer approved’ course of training to inspect specific products.

Course Outline

The key areas covered by this course include:

  • Legislative requirements and standards for managing equipment inspection
  • The importance of equipment inspection
  • How to prepare to inspect equipment and set-up your work area
  • Viewing various types of equipment and what to look for when inspecting
  • Common failure modes across equipment categories
  • The inspection process and identifying faults
  • The difference between user-serviceable components and non-user-serviceable components
  • How to identify non-compliance and recommend remedial action
  • Procedures for tagging equipment out of service
  • Record-keeping requirements

Participants are required to complete both theoretical and practical observation assessment activities. The practical observation assessment activities require participants to provide video evidence of activities undertaken in a simulated workplace environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can inspect height safety equipment?
A: Australian Standards declare that periodic inspections on height safety equipment must be carried out by a height safety equipment inspector. A height safety equipment inspector is:
“A person who is competent in the skills needed to detect faults in height safety equipment and to determine remedial action.” (AS/NZS 1891.4 2009 Appendix E pages 75-78)

Q: What is a “competent person”?
A: Australian Standard AS 1891 defines a competent person as a person “who has, through a combination of training, qualification and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to correctly perform a specified task”.

Determining competence to inspect equipment is the responsibility of the workplace/PCBU in question. It is important to remember that an individual claiming to be competent may need to justify such a claim in a court in the event of an incident or investigation.

Successful completion of this course proves an individual has undergone training and is qualified in equipment inspection, but it does not prove (nor is a substitute for) a depth of real-world experience in the use of height safety equipment, which is a necessary element required to demonstrate an individual is competent to inspect equipment.

Q: What type of equipment does this course teach me to inspect?
A: The course is focussed entirely on height safety equipment. This includes a range of:

  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards (single and twin tail)
  • Type 1, 2 and 3 fall arrest devices
  • Slings
  • Connectors (carabiners, snap hooks, scaff hooks, mallions)
  • Helmets
  • Rope
  • Anchors (temporary)
  • It also teaches acceptable and unacceptable types of wear on material and metal components and equipment that you are able to apply to equipment that is not covered.

Q: Is this a “Test and Tag” course?
A: No. The term “Test and Tag” relates to electrical equipment. In this course you will learn the skills to inspect, as well as tag height safety equipment.

Q: Is this course a manufacturer-approved course?
A: No. Some manufacturers offer training courses to certify individuals to conduct testing, inspection and maintenance on certain pieces of proprietary equipment. If required, these courses should be taken in addition to this course.

Q: What certification will I get out of this course?
A: You will receive a statement of attainment that confirms you have attained competency against the nationally recognised unit of competency PUAEQU001 - Prepare, maintain and test response equipment. This nationally recognised course equips you with the foundational skills to become a height safety equipment inspector. This course will provide you with the training and certification required to inspect height safety equipment at a basic level.

Course Inclusions

  • Our online course was built from the ground up by industry experts. It is designed to be easy to use, easy to understand and works on multiple devices and platforms.
  • Our course is heavily video-based and participants will learn directly from an industry expert, just as if they were in a classroom.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be given access to a selection of free downloadable equipment inspection checklist templates they may modify for their own use.

Each Trainee Must Provide

Participants must:

  • Have at least a Year 10 level of numeracy, literacy and communication skills
  • Have the ability to read and write English
  • Have a sound level of computer skills to navigate through the e-Learning course
  • Use a device that meets the minimum System Requirements of Pinnacle’s e-Learning system (we officially support and recommend modern desktop or laptop computers running Google Chrome web browser). Other personal devices (e.g. phones and tablets) may be compatible, but due to the variety available, we do not officially support these devices.
  • Have access to video recording equipment (i.e. webcam, phone, etc)
  • Have access to a suitable harness to conduct the equipment inspection practical assessment
  • Have a stable internet connection, with bandwidth capable of streaming video
  • Use a device that can play sound.
  • Strongly recommended: Current Working at Heights qualification.

I thought your online Height Safety Equipment Inspection program was really well done.

Todd C. - Parkwood, QLD

Public Course Participant
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It was straightforward. The video part of the course was well presented and I believe it would be easy to understand for anyone who has had minimum exposure to the different types of equipment covered by the course.

Doug M - Rockhampton, QLD

Public Course Participant

Excellent course and we will use as a standard for anyone requiring qualification.

Damien V. - Derwent Park, TAS

RBD Electrical