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Rope Access Training (SPRAT)

Nationally recognised units of competency
SPRAT Rope Access level 1, 2 or 3

Face to Face

Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to perform work while suspended in a vertical environment.


SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) is an internationally recognised rope access certification body based in the USA. Since 2001, thousands of rope access technicians representing hundreds of companies and government agencies have been certified to SPRAT standards. Find out more about SPRAT by reading the ‘Certification’ section below.


Funding for level 2 and 3 training is currently available for eligible members of the Queensland construction industry

Course Dates

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Course Details


Students who are deemed competent will receive an industry qualification from SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) at level 1, 2 or 3.

Background and History

Since 2013, Pinnacle Safety and Training has delivered the Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA) training package to Rope Access students and technicians, resulting in the issuing of ARAA qualifications (Level 1, 2 or 3).

With ARAA’s move to cease being a certifying body effective 1 March 2019, and instead focus on its role as an independent advisory association, the provision of ARAA qualifications shall cease from 1 March 2019.

However, since 2016, the ARAA standards and training curriculum have been aligned with Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) standards (for more information about SPRAT click here), and many ARAA assessors have worked through the process of becoming SPRAT assessors. From March 2019, Pinnacle will continue to deliver Rope Access training, and upon successful assessment, Rope Access students will be issued with the SPRAT qualification.

New Technicians

  • For those entering the Rope Access industry and attending this Rope Access training course, upon successful completion, you will be issued with a SPRAT qualification.

Existing Technicians

For technicians previously qualified under the former ARAA technician certification scheme:

  • SPRAT will without exception recognise your existing ARAA qualifications.
  • Current ARAA technicians’ tickets will remain valid until their nominated expiry date.
  • For ARAA technicians seeking to renew or upgrade to a higher level, your ARAA qualification will be accepted for the recertification process and upon successful completion, you will be issued with a SPRAT qualification.
  • Existing ARAA qualifications are viewed in the same standing as SPRAT qualifications for assessment application – there is no need for Direct Entry applications.

Course Duration

5 days


  • Level 1: $1595 pp.
  • Level 2: $1655 pp. Funding is available for eligible members of the construction industry. If eligible, pay only $414.00 - save $1241.00 off our regular price! Check your eligibility and apply now.
  • Level 3: $1695 pp. Funding is available for eligible members of the construction industry. If eligible, pay only $424.00 - save $1271.00 off our regular price! Check your eligibility and apply now.

Course Overview

Industrial rope access (aka twin rope access) training AS4488 is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills to perform work while suspended in a vertical environment. Training covers:

  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Installation of anchor systems
  • Industrial abseiling skills
  • Rope ascending techniques
  • Work methods
  • Mobility at height
  • Rescue procedures

This four day course with a fifth day for assessments is suitable for any worker/company who will be required to conduct work such as maintenance or inspection whilst fully suspended at height. Typical work scenarios are:

  • High rise window cleaning
  • Industrial abseiling
  • Painting or maintenance
  • Sign installation
  • Work on bridges, power stations, mines, cliffs etc.

Training is designed to be as realistic as possible and enable you to work effectively as a rope access technician.

Course Inclusions

  • All necessary equipment can be provided (although we encourage you to bring your own)
  • Training conducted by experienced Rope Access Technician
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards for working at height
  • Recommendations and advice for specialised PPE and equipment for your particular workplace
  • Advice on risk control methods for the type of rope access works to be undertaken
  • Plenty of practical hands on training to ensure rope access technicians can ensure personal safety whilst performing suspended works
  • SPRAT assessment and qualification issuance fees

Each Trainee Must Provide

Participants must

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • This training is realistic and very physical. It is important that all personnel who attend this course are physically fit and have a head for heights. You will be ascending ropes and hanging in harnesses for extended periods in order to conduct rescues. If you do not possess the fitness/strength to ascend ropes under your own strength, you will be unable to demonstrate the competence required for this program.

Equipment requirements

  • We supply all equipment necessary for you to undertake training including harnesses, ascenders, descenders etc.
  • We actively encourage you to bring along your own equipment.

Prerequisite for Level 1

  • A current (within 24 months) Work Safely at Heights certificate (RIIWHS204D or equivalent).

Prerequisites for Level 2

  • A current ARAA or SPRAT level 1 certification.
  • At least 500 logged hours employing twin-rope system at level 1 within last 3 years (supervisor-signed and verified).

Prerequisites for Level 3

  • A current ARAA or SPRAT level 2 certification.
  • At least 1,000 logged hours employing twin-rope system within last 3 years (supervisor-signed and verified).

Direct Entry Requirements

I have a Rope Access qualification from a different industry body (e.g. IRATA etc.) and I would like to translate this to a SPRAT qualification (i.e. do a Direct Entry to SPRAT). What is involved?

Direct entry is available to candidates who can show proof of their experience in rope access. The requirements for direct entry into Levels 2 and 3 are outlined on the SPRAT website, in the section Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work found on the Public Documents page. To apply:

  • Print and fill out a Pre-Approval Application (Level 3 Application / Level 2 Application).
  • Scan it and email it along with copies of all the necessary documentation to at least 6 weeks before your course start date as all documentation related to direct entry must be approved by the Evaluations Committee in advance of your course start date.
  • Call Pinnacle Safety and Training on 1300 990 810 to pay your non-refundable SPRAT Direct Entry Application Fee by credit card. SPRAT currently charge $250 USD for a Level 2 Direct Entry application and $350 USD for Level 3. Pinnacle will convert this to the Australian dollar equivalent at the time of taking your credit card details.
  • Pinnacle will send all your Direct Entry information to SPRAT to be assessed, and SPRAT will notify you of the outcome of your Direct Entry application.

  • *Please note the Direct Entry fee does not include the certification processing cost assessed following the completion of a successful evaluation.

Technicians qualified under the (now defunct) Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA) are not required to undergo direct entry. ARAA qualifications (current or expired) are held in the same standing as the equivalent SPRAT qualification.

I really respect the way your RTO goes about training. This was my second course. I’m still doing another two courses with Pinnacle and also considering a Cert 3 in Mine Rescue in Brisbane after those. I think the professionalism of your team will definitely prepare me for a variety of roles in the future. I am very confident the skills I have learned at Pinnacle are industry best practices and of the highest level.

Gary L. - Melbourne, VIC

Public Course Participant Operate Breathing Apparatus