Inspection and NDT Services

Regardless of the industry, it is necessary to ensure that plant and equipment are in good repair. This is where an active and well-designed Asset Inspection Program fits in. Regular inspection actually saves money and improves safety by helping to highlight maintenance opportunities before they develop into possible incidents. Pinnacle Safety and Training conduct a wide range of inspection services and can advise on the most appropriate testing technique, for example:

  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Thermal imaging
  • Corrosion mapping
  • Coating inspection
  • Remote camera inspection.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non Destructive Testing is the inspection of a component in a manner that will not make it unsuitable for further service. We regularly employ NDT on welds in large metal structures such as bridges, buildings, machinery, offshore rigs and vessels.

Welds may be tested using NDT techniques such as industrial radiography or industrial CT scanning using X-rays or gamma rays, ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant testing or via eddy current. In a proper weld, these tests would indicate a lack of cracks in the radiograph, show clear passage of sound through the weld and back, or indicate a clear surface without penetrant captured in cracks.

NDT Labour Hire

Pinnacle Safety and Training also provide highly skilled Rope Access Technicians to work in association with large NDT firms on major on-shore and off-shore projects.

I was on the Vertical Rescue and Confined Space Rescue course last week and found the training from Kevin sensational. His knowledge and enthusiasm was terrific and he was very understanding and patient with the different levels of experience. I took a lot away from the training and will recommend it to others.

Jarrod G. - Brisbane, QLD

Public Course Participant Vertical Rescue and Confined Space Rescue