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ARAA Level 3 - hardcore roping!

The Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA) is Australia’s national industry body for rope access. Overseas, there are other industry associations including IRATA (UK) and SPRAT (US/Canada).

There are three levels of rope access technician, and this week, we have a group of guys trying their hardest to achieve the pinnacle of the trade - the coveted level 3!

In order to pass their assessment on Friday, the team will have to flawlessly perform a series of extremely complex rescues such as rescuing a patient through a loop traverse, as well as hauling systems to move objects and themselves through three dimensional space and so forth. There’s heaps to remember, and one missed connection can mean a FAIL!

Level 1 – Basic Operator
A Level 1 Basic Operator has the skills to safely work within a variety of safety systems employed in industrial rope access, under the direct supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 supervisor.

Level 2 – Basic Site Supervisor
The Level 2 Basic Site Supervisor is an intermediate qualification incorporating the skills required to safely employ and supervise rope access activities for vertical only works in an urban environment, and to work in a supporting role to Level 3 supervisors on complex work sites.
*N.B. ‘Vertical only’ works can be those defined as sites where it is possible to lower an injured worker directly to the ground or a suitable landing, and where diversion anchors (creating a maximum deflection of 20°) are used along the fall of the rope. No knots or re-anchoring points may be employed along the falls of rope i.e. simple retrieval methods are adequate.

Level 3 – Advanced Site Supervisor
The Level 3 Advanced Site Supervisor is an advanced qualification that is required for a team leader where complex works such as traverses, lead climbing, work over water or confined spaces are required. These supervisors will have more experience in rescue planning and in the documentation of works. Note that sites where numerous other trades and operating plant and equipment are present (building sites, refineries, power stations etc) are automatically classified as a complex site and require a Level 3 Supervisor.

Trainer Rob was exceptional. He made the course interesting and tailored the training to our needs, ensuring we spent extra time on scenarios we cross routinely.

Josh B. - Brisbane, QLD

Action Corrosion Height Safety Supervisor