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Pinnacle introduces a new course for road transport supply chain workers

Pinnacle Safety and Training is proud to announce the release of a new course, designed to improve safety on Australia’s roads.

Our new Chain of Responsibility program has been developed for workers in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain to help them understand their obligations and duties in relation to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Pinnacle Safety and Training CEO, Paul Botwright explains that all parties in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain now share responsibility for ensuring the safety of their transport activities.

“If you have any responsibility in your business over any road transport task that uses heavy vehicles (over 4.5 tonnes), you can be held legally liable if something goes wrong,” Paul said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a driver, company director, team manager, consigner, dispatcher, loader, or contractor, if you have the capability to control or influence any heavy transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure breaches of the HVNL do not occur.”

“These breaches may include breaches of road laws such as speeding or exceeding vehicle mass/dimension limits, breaches of fatigue management requirements, loading violations, and the list goes on.”

“The Chain of Responsibility concept was developed out of a recognition that unlawful behaviour by truck drivers is often influenced by the actions of other parties who can encourage drivers to take unlawful actions.”

“For example, delivery timeframes, consignment terms and employment contracts can all contribute to driver behaviour.”

“Our Chain of Responsibility course will increase participants’ awareness of how the actions or inactions of themselves or others in their workplace could contribute to breaches in HVNL.”

“Accidents involving heavy vehicles can have more serious consequences because of their size and weight,” Paul said. “We want as many workers as possible to understand how their actions in the supply chain can reduce heavy vehicle accidents.”

“As a result, we’ve developed a very affordable non-accredited online course that can be completed in just a few hours.”

“And for those who require the Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency, they can complete the same online learning component, followed by a real-life workplace project.

“As a father, I am very passionate about road safety,” Paul said. “For me, this course isn’t just about complying with the legislation.”

“Ultimately, it’s about making our roads safer through education.”

I just completed my upgrade with Pinnacle and was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and professionalism displayed by the trainer Michael. He displayed a great depth of knowledge and managed to make the entire two-day session relevant to a disparate group of part time trainers. Well done!

Murray J. - Cooee Bay, QLD

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