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Pinnacle Safety and Training was recently engaged by Conset (who are contracted to Hamilton Marino) to provide technical rescue training for the Peak Apartments project in Melbourne.

The Peak Apartments is a 42-storey residential tower being built on Latrobe Street which contains a jump form consisting of internal working platforms.

According to Conset, “The internal working platforms allow our construction workers to complete the internal structure and conduct activities including tying steel, form voids and penetrations, locking up shutters, general maintenance and jumping of the system.”

“The internal working platform will eventually become the lift shaft and stairwells of the building.”

Pinnacle was engaged to develop Jump Form Rescue Training for the workers on this project and developed a number of scenarios and rescue plans accordingly.

As our Sales Director, Ben Allen explained, “Inside the jump form is an array of scaffolding like structure that needs to be constantly secured and then unsecured from the shaft as the building process moves from floor to floor.”

“Access is generally via a vertical ladder descending down into the hollow formwork structure.”

“While there are limited hazards inside the jump form like we might encounter in a confined space, there is potential for slips and trips or a medical emergency of some kind.”

“Having well-rehearsed rescue plans are essential to ensure the safety of all workers involved in projects like this.”

“At Pinnacle, we employ a team of highly skilled trainers and technicians with extensive experience in developing rescue plans and associated training for complex work situations across a number of industries, including power generation, construction, utilities, manufacturing and petrochemical.”

“If you require any safety compliance documentation or safety management services for high risk activities at your workplace, please feel free to call us on 1300 990 810 to discuss how we can assist you.”

About the online course: “It is very user friendly with clear messages.”

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