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The dangers of online-only training courses

“Our online course will qualify you to work safely in confined spaces.”

This is the catchcry of just one of the operators who are popping up, claiming to offer cheap, online-delivery safety training to industry in Australia.

To many people it's obvious, but you do get what you pay for!

Here at Pinnacle, we are absolutely passionate about providing the very best confined space training in Australia, and it frustrates us no end to keep hearing horror stories from workers who are taken in by these online safety courses.

Our confined space course is a minimum of one full day of face-to-face training, which includes a number of hands-on practical tasks, like conducting hazard and risk assessments, and entering a variety of confined spaces. Our most popular two-day course gives workers the ability to issue permits, perform gas testing, and conduct rescues in confined space. This is real-life stuff!

The problems with online safety courses:

  1. They are generally not nationally recognised training, meaning you don't end up with the national unit of competency, and will be rejected when trying to get on a work site.
  2. They don't offer any practical elements whatsoever. Practical training is vital!
  3. They aren't taught by industry experts.

Don't fall into the trap! Choose training that will actually benefit you at work. Face-to-face training is your best choice.

I wanted to thank Ant for his time and enthusiasm in teaching the course. It is plain to see that he is very passionate about the content and genuinely believes that this is the best way to keep people safe in the workplace and even at home. Also, his experience gained from his previous occupations really shines through when queried about real world scenarios. I enjoyed the course, and I believe the other attendees did also. I had to leave early, and Ant went out of his way to catch up with me before flying out the next day to help me complete the course. Cannot thank him enough for that.

Linx Cargo Care Group - Albany, WA

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