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Workshop: Tripods and Powered Winches in Rope Access

RopeLab’s Richard Delaney will be running a cutting-edge workshop at our Sydney facility on 13-14 May 2017 on the topic of powered winches in technical roping disciplines. This is an area of considerable interest to many tech’s, and you’ll be learning from one of the best. Places are limited, and quite inexpensive so ensure you book your seat without delay.

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Workshop Info:

Tripods and Winches: 13-14 May, 2017


Pinnacle Safety and Training
Unit 1, 139 Beaconsfield Street
Silverwater, NSW 2128

9am – 5pm
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May, 2017

This 2 day workshop has been designed for rope access technicians, riggers and rescue operators who are using tripods and powered winches on their worksites to move people and other loads.

In his recent article, Rigging or Roping?, Richard discusses some of the issues around the use of these tools. This workshop aims to:

  • Increase students’ understanding of the legal and safety issues around the use of tripods and powered winches to move loads.
  • Increase students’ knowledge of appropriate rope based systems to move loads using tripods and powered winches.

Please note that this content does not fall into any standard rigging or rope access training. Richard has recognised that there are often knowledge gaps in this area. He is both a qualified and experienced Rope Access Technician and Rigger, as well as an experienced trainer. Theoretical and practical sessions will include:

  • Australian qualifications and regulations that apply to rope access and mechanical lifting.
  • Tripods, gin poles and other artificial high directionals.
  • Equipment ratings: MBS and SWL of rope based systems.
  • Powered winches.
  • Tension load cells: monitoring system loads.

Richard is offering a dscount to existing RopeLab Members.

Click here to read more and book your place.

I just want to say this was my first experience with Pinnacle Safety and Training and Sebastian was one of the best trainers I’ve ever had. I’ve done a few courses and plan on doing my Vertical Rescue with Pinnacle.

David R. - Brisbane, QLD

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